Frequently Asked Questions...

What do you mean by 'Fully working'?

Just that. Except where clearly stated all the goods we sell are working

perfectly. Where they are not the problem is made clear in the item listing. Some items may have minor missing parts, such as an audio lead or a

remote control which may be required for operation. Again, this will be clearly stated in the listing.

Will I get the original manufacturers packaging?

Usually, though the packaging may not be in perfect condition. Again, we will always make everything clear in the listing.

What guarantee do I receive with my goods?

We guarantee that the goods are in the condition as described, and fully working unless clearly stated otherwise. If any goods are found to have been mis-described this must be reported to us by email within 48 hours of receipt.

Can I return the goods if I am not satisfied.

Unless we have described the goods inaccurately we have a no returns

policy. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Why don't you have phone support and ordering?

To put it simply, Costs. The expenses incurred in providing full, or even part time telephone support and ordering would have to be carried by you, the consumer. Which means higher prices. Instead we offer a reliable support and ordering service by Email.

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